Online Dental Implant Cost Calculator

With only a few clicks your visitors can get a preliminary price quote for dental implantology on your website.



  • dicc-public-1Two stage calculation:

    1. data input

    2. quote display

  • Abutment and crown pcs automatically changes with the change of implant pcs

  • Default abutment type offered for each implant type

  • When choosing sinus lift the necessary bone graft and membrane gets displayed automatically

  • Visitor can enter its email and can request a callback, can have the calculation sent to him/herself via email. User data are stored in the backend

  • Share: Facebook, Google+

  • SEO: Due to the keyword density of the word „implant” (or else set in the language file) site’s ranking for this keyword will improve

  • Intuitive, easy to handle spam-filter (captcha)

  • Language of frontend can be easily translated with the means of a language file

  • Prices of one or more clinics can be shown

Administration interface

  • Products/services can be added

    • items have

      • prices (per clinic)

      • guarantee

      • description

    • type of items

      • implant

      • abutment

      • crown

      • sinus lift

      • other

    • input type can be checkbox or dropdown

  • Any number of administrators can be added

  • Newsletter subscribers are stored

1) Dashboard

  • List of items

  • New Item – see below

  • Count – number of calculations made by users

  • Admin email – see below

  • Position – see below

  • Callbacks – see below

  • Emails – see below

  • HTML – pricelist that can be exported so you only have to update one pricelist


2) Position editor
Here one can adjust position of services per each phase.


3) Add new item


4) List of people requesting callback


5) Administrator email addresses
Email alerts are sent to these emails when user is requesting a callback.


6) Newsletter subscribers


Price: EUR 800

Additional services:

Customization (EUR 50 / hour)

  • design

  • functionality