Dental Implants Abroad & Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad – FAQs

How much can I save when having implants or cosmetic dentistry abroad?

You can save approximately 50-75% on your dental treatment if you need dental implants abroad, crowns, bridges, veneers or dentures.

Why do treatments (implants and cosmetic dentistry) cost less abroad?

Abroad property cost much less and wages are also less than in Western Europe. This means the cost of dental work, such as implants abroad, bridge and crown work, is half / one-third of Western European prices. However, the quality of Hungarian dental services is acknowledged as excellent all over Europe. This is why city is such a popular destination for dentistry abroad.

Do dentists abroad use the same materials and techniques?

Our dentists and implantologist have more than 10 years of experience in treating patients. They are continuously refreshing and improving their professional skills by participating in national and international courses and workshops. Our surgeries are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and the products of the best-known brands, such as Branemark dental implants, Ankylos dental implants and Cerec 3 crowns, are used by our professionals.
We would like to invite you to a tour in our city dentistry.

How long do I need to stay in the city abroad?

It depends on the kind of treatment you need. Each case is unique; therefore, we recommend contacting us regarding this question. If we know what your specific needs are, we are able to tell you the duration of your treatment.
Estimated durations:

  • Dental implant surgery: 3-7 days
  • Crowns: 5-8 days
  • Bridges: 5-8 days

Please note that most of the treatments are also available in the city, although prices are 35-50% higher.

Do you provide any guarantee for treatments?

We provide a guarantee on implants abroad and cosmetic dental work, which is in line with and in some cases exceeds international standards. In case of implant failure our dentist will replace the implant at no additional cost to you. More about dental work guarantee

What can I do if complications occur abroad or back in the inland?

Complications are unlikely to happen, but rarely infections can arise even if the treatment was undertaken with proficiency and care. If this happens, we encourage you to contact us immediately and we will help you to find the most effective solution for your problem.

Do you accept credit cards in the city abroad?

All of the major credit cards are accepted at our clinic, without extra charge: Visa, MasterCard etc.

Are there any extra charges?

We do not charge for consultation, transfer (only when Opera Garden Hotel is your choice of accomodation), credit card payment, drinks at the city clinic – therefore the cost of your implant surgery or cosmetic dentistry is easily predictable.

When can my treatment start?

We can provide you an appointment and arrange your travel and accommodation within 1-2 weeks. If your case is urgent, we will do our best to solve your problem immediately.

Do I get any help while I am abroad?

Our English-speaking staff provide continuous on-going personal support. They will help to make your stay safe and pleasant, by supplying all the necessary information regarding dental work, travel, accommodation, and tourist programs.

To be continued with why choose a dental tour operator….