Home Tooth Whitening Instructions

First the dentist will take an impression of the teeth and a couple of days later, the home kit whitening trays will be ready.

The home whitening kit contains one or two whitening trays and two or four syringes filled with whitening material. It depends on the grade of the whitening but is usually 2 vials per tray.

The whitening material should be used for about 6 – 8 hours. Before going to bed you should brush your teeth as usual, then take the whitening tray and put a pinhead sized drop of fluid into each tooth space. Place it onto your teeth and leave until morning. If some fluid gets onto the gum, wipe it off with a cotton bud. Teeth can become sensitive by the next day. If so, please use Sensodyne toothpaste.

If your teeth are not sensitive, you can do the whitening for six days consecutively until the fluid lasts. Usually sensitivity appears after the first day and if this occurs, you can leave out a few days and continue the whitening later. You should do the whitening process until you have achieved the expected result, approximately after six uses. The whole treatment should not last more than two weeks.

If you haven’t used all the whitening fluid you can put the remainder into the fridge and use it up to 12 months later.

To keep up the good result you should avoid any red, black coloured food or drink or very cold or hot drink and food, while you are doing the whitening and up till two weeks after that.

Drink: coffee, tea, red wine, coke. Food: anything that contains red or yellow food colouring i.e. tomato soup, curry, ketchup

If you keep the trays, you can purchase more whitening fluid for £90 for two vials, you do not need to use as much, and one vial may be enough to keep up the whitened appearance of the teeth. The whitening process can be repeated approximately every 6 months.

Do not use if there are any open wounds in the mouth (after tooth extraction or mouth ulcers) and if severe sensitivity reaction occurs, discontinue use and seek advice from DCA