Dental Treatment Costs

Treatment Diagnostics:
Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan and quote Free
Panoramic radiograph X-Ray Free
Annual control examination 75
Annual control examination with hygiene treatment 100
Cone Beam CT (Computer Tomograph) 115
Oral Surgery:
Anaesthetic Free
Sedation 250
Tooth extraction 50
Tooth extrusion 100
Wisdom tooth extraction 120
Wisdom tooth extrusion 150
Root resection (front tooth) 160
Root resection (molar tooth) 250
Dental Implant Osseo & A.B. Dental Implants – 5yrs guarantee 390
Alpha Bio (By Nobel Group) – 8yrs guarantee 425
Alpha Bio (By Nobel Group) – lifetime guarantee 520
Implant Ankylos (Friadent – Germany) – lifetime guarantee 572
Implant Replace (Nobel Biocare – Sweden) – lifetime guarantee 730
Standard titanium metal for Dental Implant Osseo & A.B. dental implants 165
Brilliant white Zirconium for  A.B. Implant (only to be used with Zirconium crowns) 295
Standard titanium metal for Ankylos 195
Standard titanium metal for Alpha Bio 195
Standard titanium metal for Replace Implants 195
Brilliant white Zirconium (only to be used with Zirconium crowns) for
Alpha Bio, Ankylos and Replace Implants
Bone Replacement:
Sinus lift (bone augmentation) 400
Material price (per cm3) 130
Membrane (piece) 120
Bone replacement from the chin (excluding materials) 690
Dental Conservation:
Tooth-coloured filling – small 60
Tooth-coloured filling – large 80
Tooth-coloured filling of the toothneck 50
Root Canal Treatment (X-ray included):
Tooth with one root canal 120
Tooth with two root canals 180
Tooth with three root canals 240
Tooth with four root canals 300
Post & Core 120
Removable plastic denture 345
Removable metal denture 460
Removable flexible denture 575
Precision attachment metal denture 1150
Overdenture supported by implants 1495
Temporary denture 250
Temporary removable denture (1-4 units) 90
Temporary removable denture (5-8 units) 190
Temporary removable denture (9-14 units) 290
Removable denture relining / adjustment 60
Night guard 150
Crowns / Bridges / Veneers:
Porcelain inlay 199
Porcelain covered crown or bridge unit 199
Full porcelain veneer (jacket crown) 320
Full porcelain crown or bridge unit 199
Full porcelain PROCERA inlay 395
Full porcelain PROCERA crown 395
Full porcelain PROCERA veneer 395
Full porcelain PROCERA bridge unit 395
Full porcelain crown BELLEGLAS 199
Gold porcelain crown (excluding gold) 199
Galvan gold crown 250
Zirconium (ceramic) crown 320
Zirconium inlay 320
Gradia inlay 199
Porcelain veneer 320
Long term temporary crown 49
Tooth Whitening:
Full professional home tooth bleaching 195
Full professional tooth bleaching in the consultation room 295
Dental Hygiene Treatment 60
Professional tooth cleaning (plaque removal, intraoral power jet, polishing) 115