Dental Implant Cost Calculator


Page 1 – form

Simple, well organized layout.

Number of teeth to be extracted – if any? __ pcs

Temporary clips? (if visible tooth extracted) __ pcs

Number of wisdom teeth to be extracted – if any? __ pcs

Number of implants required? __ pcs

Implant types and guarantee (select from drop down list with prices)

Sinus lift required (needed if there is not enough bone in upper jaw) – Maximum one (1) on each

side so total maximum: 2. Select from drop down where default is zero: 0 / 1 / 2

Then below two changes seemlessly with AJAX:

2gr bone graft for one (1) sinus lift to be added to cost calculation automatically! Drop

down: 0 / 2 /4 (if sinus lift is 1, this is 2, if sinus lift is 2 this is 4 – preferably seemlessly

changes with AJAX)

1pc membrane for each sinus lift to be added to cost calculation automatically! Drop down:

0 / 1 / 2 (if sinus is 1 this is 1, if sinus 2 this is 2 preferably seemlessly changes with


Sedation – Above 8 implants or for people with high blood pressure or generally above the age of


Crown type – select from drop down list. Number same as number of implants AJAX. To be added

to cost automatically!

Hygiene treatment to be added automatically!

SUBMIT (protection needed. Captcha or at least a text question: “how much us five + six?” and

user has to enter “11” as answer) and Save calculation to backend.

Page 2 – results

3 sections: Phase 1, 2, 3. Comments to be added t o top and bottom of each section. Optionally from


Simple, well organized layout.

Phase 1

Phase 1 cost total BP and LNDN

Costs to be listed (if not applicable do not list):

hygiene treatment


wisdom extractions

implants (with types)

sinus lift (and bone graft and membrane)


flight (if Budapest)

accomodation (1 night if no sinus, 7 night if sinus) (if Budapest)

Phase 2

Phase 2: free in BP or £60 (up to 5 healing screws) or £100 (above 5 healing screws) in London.

flight (if Budapest) (no accomodation)

Phase 3

Total cost and list of items to be listed:

crowns (based on implant number)

flight (if Budapest)

accommodation 4 nights (if Budapest)

Page bottom:

Free text from backend (discount payments, book a consultation).

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