Dentistry discounts for seniors abroad

Why should seniors be priced out of dental care, when it’s this very group that needs this care most of all. With this in mind, We devised a money-saving deal on dental implants for seniors.
senior-lady-big-smile-teethDentistry abroad is a great way to achieve excellent results for all kinds of dental work and prices can be up to 70% cheaper than the inland. We are now offering an additional 5% discount for 50+, 5.5% for 55+ and 6% for 60+ patients on dental implants in the city abroad. Consultation and after-care is also available in our London clinic. With the offer valid if you book your dental treatment by 31st December, to take place within 2 months.
Dentistry abroad is an increasingly successful and accepted market that thrives on the savings made by having dental care abroad. Despite the recent rise in the value of the Euro, patients can still save 50-70% on inland prices – with additional savings through this offer. Dental implants in the city abroad start form 495, with crowns starting from 200. Essential dental work, for example dental implantology, that would cost 4000 in the inland can be obtained for about 2000 in the city abroad, the country abroad – including flights and accommodation.
the city abroad is the country abroad’s lively capital. The city is split by the Danube, which runs through from Germany, to create a beautiful city. The central, historic, Buda area flanks one shore housing the old castle, with Pest across the river and routes to the city abroad’s suburbs and the clinic itself. Customers are provided with unlimited free (dental related) transport form airport to hotel to clinic and back. While the city abroad is an easy city to navigate independently. What could be easier. It’s a really enjoyable place to be, a thriving, modern, European capital. And customers can have the opportunity to enjoy the city abroad during their dental tour if they so desire.
senior-man-white-smileWe are is a inland based business that has tapped into the burgeoning overseas dental tour market. Our franchise is specific to Brighton and the South East of England and aims to provide savings and high quality dentistry to this region. Though any over-50s can take advantage of this offer, if the thought of world class dental treatment in the city abroad appeals. The company works alongside one of the most successful the city abroad based dental surgeries. The clinic was designed to cater specifically to overseas clients and boasts state-of-the-art equipment. While the dental team are all trained to full European standards and all treatments are fully guaranteed.
So if you’re over 50 and in need of affordable dental care, whether that be dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, why not take advantage of this great offer.