Dentistry abroad

flyer-a-bWe wrote this article to help you be less apprehensive about the idea of going overseas for dental care. And we hope in doing so we help you to decide to choose the right dental tour operator to help you regain your smile and confidence.

Choosing the right country

Overseas dentistry provides a cheap and effective alternative to expensive inland dental treatments.

Going overseas for dental treatments such as implants, crowns and some cosmetic services is a simple process and can provide up to 70% savings on inland prices. Many European countries such as Poland and Croatia offer overseas dentistry and at us we choose to work with a Hungarian clinic based in the city abroad. This was principally because of abroad’s excellent reputation for high quality dental work. abroad is also an excellent choice because it is a friendly, welcoming, country with a long history of therapeutic treatment, stemming from it’s many spas and the health care services that surround them.

Why choose a dental tour operator

By using a dental tour operator you also have a local contact to help with organisation and answer questions. This provides support and peace of mind at no extra cost. Dental tour operators work on a commission basis paid by the clinic. In case you contact the clinic directly you pay the same price but don’t have a local contact. Dental tour operators also provide you the opportunity to have consultation and after-care in your home country. Before treatment they provide you with a treatment plan which is a quote as well.

Available services

Overseas dentistry is best suited for certain dental needs. Principally these are dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneers and technical oral surgery. Orthodentistry isn’t generally offered because of the number of visits that this would involve. We use a state-of-the-art clinic, with an excellent, highly qualified, dental team. Even sinus lifts are routine procedures with 99.99% success rates.

Costs of dentistry abroad

Dental implants start from 495, with crowns starting from 200. Treatments are usually spread over two to three visits (in the city abroad or the city), with time allowed for healing between visits. Prices have recently been impacted by the falling pound but savings of over 50% on all treatments are still standard. Discounts for treatments over 6000 are also available. With us there is no pre-payment. Payments are made after each stage of your treatment, so costs can be easily spread.

Process of dentistry abroad

It is an easy process to take on a dental tour. With us it begins with a consultation in the city or the city abroad. Then a treatment plan is prepared, with a detailed schedule and cost information provided. From there treatment can begin, which usually involves two or three trips to our the city abroad clinic. Please note that most of the treatments are available in the city abroad although savings are bit less: 30-50%. Following treatment after care is in the city or the city abroad. While all treatments come with long guarantees that span many years.

Notes on implantology:

2-3 flights abroad. Takes from 1 hour to 2-3 hours in case of a full mouth restoration.

A-type: Extraction + artificial root => Placing the implant => 4-6 weeks resting time => Gumshaper => 2 weeks resting time => Final teeth

B-type: Extraction => Placing the implant => Gumshaper => 2 weeks waiting time (after 3 days they can do sport or whatever) => Final teeth

Drilling doesn’t hurt at all, after the surgery it can hurt for some: 4-5 pills a day will do the trick.

Abutment is titanium or circonium (plastic)

Deep water diving is possible with implant.

Full mouth restoration
12-18 implants. 1 implant can “hold” 1.5 teeth. Won’t be able to eat after extraction thus will receive nutrition drink (shake).
Required (work)days
Workday = arrival in the morning, leaving in the evening.
1crown: 4 work days
up to 6 crowns: 5 workdays
from 10 crowns: 10 workdays or: 3 days – 1 week waiting then 2 days – 1 week waiting then 2 days

Depending on patient s/he can receive sedation. Suggested in case of high blood pressure or in case of diabetes or above the age of 65 or above 8 implants. Depending on patient’s sensitivity some can feel dizzy afterwards (thin people mostly).