Overseas dentists come to you

Choosing overseas dentists in the inland will save you a signifficant amount of money. Our dentists will put a bright smile on your face be it for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry.

All of our dentists and implantologists have more than 10 years professional experience. They regularly participate in conferences and have on-going professional training, to learn the latest techniques and become aware of the most recent trends. The clinics annual expenditure on education and training is over £15,000.

Our implantologists have participated in the following implant training courses:

  • BEGO-Semados
  • Friadent Ankylos
  • Zimmer Dental-Swiss plus
  • Tapered screw vent
  • Nobel Biocare-Branemark
  • Replace

As a result of this, our implantologists have the very latest knowledge in techniques used to place any of these types of implants. Consequently, with the opinions and guidance of our consultants, our patients can be professionally advised and can choose the dental implant type most suitable for them.

In addition, our implantologists have completed the following courses in bone replacement techniques:

  • The Swiss Geistlich-BioOss
  • BioGuide bone replacement course
  • The sinus lift course of the University of Graz