Overseas Dental Care – Six Easy Steps to Big Savings & Great Teeth

This article aims to simply explain the steps needed to undertake overseas dental care. Going for overseas dental care is a perfectly safe and relatively easy process. And this article aims to explain the process that can apply to most overseas dental tours.

1. Once a client has made contact with one of our agents they can ask questions, explain their dental needs and arrange a consultation in the city or the city abroad. Consultations in the city cost 40 (refunded in case treatment is within 3 months after consultation), where a panoramic X-ray can be taken, if required, at a cost of 35. Free consultations are also available in the city abroad, where work can begin immediately if required

2. At the the city consultation the dentist will talk through your dental needs and recommend a treatment schedule. The consultations last approx. 30 minutes (?), so you will have plenty of time to ask questions. This compares favorably with the relatively brief consultations common in British dental practices. If pre-arranged, minor dental work can also be completed following the consultation. You will also have a chance to meet your local agent at the consultation.
the city
3. Following on from the consultation you will receive a detailed treatment plan, this will outline recommended treatment and include a full quote for treatment in the city abroad and/or the city. From there you can confirm treatment and we will arrange an appointment for your treatment to start. For the city abroad appointments we can also assist in finding the best flights and accommodation to suit your needs. Between confirmation and departure you can contact your local agent with any queries.

4. Once in the city abroad you will be met at the airport and taken to your accommodation (or straight for initial treatment?). Transport is provided for all trips between the airport, accommodation and the clinic. At the clinic all staff speak English and you will be treated with dedication and care at all times. Drinks and rest areas are provided at the clinic. The length of your stay in the county abroad will depend on your treatment schedule but this will be fully detailed before you depart. Whilst in the county abroad there are many options for the time between treatments, your local contact can help provide you with some ideas.

If your treatment is taking place in the city the process is essentially the same as having dental work at a British dentist, though costs will be significantly lower. You will attend our clinic near Paddington, where your dentist will provide expert dental care.

5. Payment is after each stage of treatment, so costs can be spread throughout the course of your treatment schedule. Discounts are available in both the city abroad or the city for treatment costing over 6000. An additional discount is available in the city abroad for cash payment.

6. Follow up care, for both the city abroad and the city treatment, is at our the city clinic. While your local contact can assist with any issues following treatment. Implant failure, or discomfort following other treatments, is very rare and does not usually involve pain. Poor oral hygiene following treatment is usually the root cause of any problems. So with our dentists care and good oral care following treatment, there is really no reason for anything to go wrong.

We hope this helps to explain the process of going for overseas dental care. Please contact us if you have any further questions.